Historical and natural places to visit in Çanakkale

Çanakkale is one of the places where everybody who lives in Turkey needs to visit once in their life. Although the Çanakkale region is richer in cultural terms than other cities, it cannot find enough tourists. Because the necessary investment in this region is unfortunately not done. The most important point of historical places to visit is the traces of the Çanakkale War. The Trojan Ancient City, home to Gallipoli and the Battle of Troy, is worth seeing.

Historical Places to Visit

The most important places for natural beauty and those who want to relax are Bozcaada and Gökçeada. As it is known, Gökçeada is the biggest among the Turkish islands. It is one of the richest islands in the world in terms of freshwater resources. There are also diving tours around the island. If you like water sports, you should definitely consider this wonderful opportunity. Zeus Altar is one of the interesting places among the natural places to visit. Küçükkuyu is a cave which is located at the top of the Adatepe Village and its front side is a vertical cliff. It is seen that this is the cave of Zeus with the researches made. Be sure to include this place among the historical places to visit.



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