Historical and natural places to visit in Denizli

Denizli is one of today’s textile production cities. However, the historical remains are quite extensive. Surely one of them is Hierapolis, as everyone knows. The fact that the ancient city was named “Holy City” in the archaeological literature is due to the many temples and religious places in the city. From the Kingdom of Pergamon II. By Eumenes BC II. YY. It is estimated that the name of the city was named Hierapolis because of the Avias queen Hiera, the wife of Telephos, which was founded at the beginning and was called legendary founder of Bergama.

Historical Places to Visit

There are many natural places to visit of tourism such as Pamukkale hot spring, Karahayit hot spring, Gölemezli Çamuru hot spring, Saraykoy-Tekke Village hot spring,  which are the pioneers of health tourism in this place.

It is well known that hot spring waters are good for cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, rheumatism, skin, eye, rickets, paralysis, nervous and vascular diseases and gastrointestinal diseases. Pamukkale, which is on the world heritage list with the approval of UNESCO, should definitely be seen among historical places to visit.


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