Historical and natural places to visit in Izmir

The old Izmir city, Smyrna, was built on an area of 100 acres in the east of the bay.Throughout the centuries, the flood of the Meles stream and Mount Sipylus has created the current Bornova section.Before these periods, İzmir has hosted a different state or community in every era.İzmir, which is a big commercial center even in the time of the Ottoman Empire, became a favorite place for every society.Because of these reasons, every society has left its works in Izmir and destroyed it and added wealth and history to these lands.

Historic Places To Visit

For example, you can go to Cesme and add excitement to your vacation and leave yourself to the beautiful sea of Cesme.Of course you must also visit Urla, which is on the way to Çeşme.

If you are touring culture, you can visit the magnificent Ephesus ruins in Selçuk and see the house of Virgin Mary.Some of the most important remains left in history in Izmir are in this region. Also there are more historical places to visit.

In the center of Izmir you should definitely see the konak and kemeraltı bazaars. For shoppers, you can also find many antique items.At the end of the day, you can get the chance to dinner on the famous lift restaurant.


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