Historical and natural places to visit in Nevşehir

When it is called Nevşehir, usually one place is came on the minds, Cappadocia. It is one of the most enchanting atmospheres in the world with its totally magical appearance and unique beauty. Nevşehir has been home to many states and civilizations throughout human history. Besides the different geological structures like fairy chimneys, they are different cultural heritages in the houses where the people are carved by the rocks and carved by the rocks. Also there are many different historical and natural places you can find.


Historic Places To Visit

The view over Cappadocia in the four seasons is different. On the UNESCO World Natural and Cultural List in 1985, Cappadocia, which is registered as ” Visually Natural and Historical National Park ” in 357th place, has announced its name to the whole world.

Due to the fact that the lower part of the fairy chimneys is a softer structure, they build home and living places inside of fairy chimneys in old times.


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