Historical and natural places to visit in Urfa

It is one of the provinence amous in history. The people who wrote the fate of Urfa with the death of some 300 people and nearly 70 casualties in the war with the French in 1919 years were entitled to receive the title of Şanlı by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

When it comes to Şanlıurfa, one of the places that everyone usually wonder is Hz. It is the cave where Abraham was born. After a certain time Hz. Ibrahim was caught in the monotheistic religion battle he had given against the cruel ruler Nemrut at that time and was thrown down into the fires from the Urfa fortress where he is today.

Historic Places To Visit

If we go back a bit further, Harran’s BC. It is believed that in the year 2000 Ur city was established as an important branch of trade. It is assumed that Harran derives from the word “Harran-U” which means the place of Sumerian and Akkadian caravan or passage. Among historical sites to visit are the historical Harran University and ruins, which have been destroyed here due to the former Mongolian invasion. Also there are many different historical place you can find.



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