Mardin and Places to Visit

When Mardin is mentioned, it should not be forgotten that not only a city but also a cultural world heritage must come to mind. Mardin Castle, Kalest’ül Mara- Lorna Jurek There are a lot of history with Central Eskikale Village, Erdemest Castle, Arur Castle, Dara Castle (Daras Anastasiupolis), Rabbat Castle and many other castles. Among these historical sites are the Dara Ruins, Nusaybin Gırnavaz Ruins, Marin Ruins, Fıtvar Ruins, Akbağ Ruins, Hofi and Zaravan Ruins, Beşikkaya Ruins, Ramanus Ruins, and Kefernut Ruins.

All of this is a world heritage. For this reason, UNESCO has safeguarded it and added it to world heritage.

Historic Places To Visit

Apart from these, there are many caves, churches and settlements. Mardin should be visited it among the historic places that many people will visit on their eastern tours. It will also be a great choice within hunting lovers with the added advantage of its geological structure.


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