Places to Visit in Amasya

Amasya is one of the places with a long history and located in the Black Sea region of Turkey. We have listed the most beautiful places to visit in Amasya for you;


Kral Kaya Mezarları (King Rock Tombs)


King Rock Tombs which are one of the historical beauties of Amasya belong to Pontic Kings and they are carved into the mountainside of Mount Harşena.


You can reach to King Rock Tombs which is also known as the Valley of the Kings passing through the narrow streets in the Hatuniye Mahallesi (District) and leaving the railway behind of you. You will find paths and stairs which are carved into the rocks all through the way.


Although a total of 21 graves are known, only a few of them managed to survive. The passages behind the rock tombs are among the details that will surprise you.


Aynalı Mağara (Mirrored Cave)


It is located 3.3 km away from the city center on the way to Ziyaret District. They are the best carved and completed rock tombs. The tomb which is 4 steps high from the ground is carved into a flat rock. The width is 9.8 meters and the height is 13 meters. When you look from outside, it can be easily figured out that it was carved with a great stone workmanship. It is also known as Güzelce Kız Mağarası (Güzelce Girl Cave). There are many legends and stories about this cave. If you will visit here, you can listen to these legends and stories from local people.


Alçak Köprü (Low Bridge)


The Low Bridge was built during the Roman rule. It is located on the Yeşilırmak river.


Bayezid II Complex


Bayezid II Complex was built between 1481-1486. There is also a plane which is 500 years old in the yard of the mosque. It is definitely among the places to visit in Amasya in terms of both its architectural structure and its own features.


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