Places to Visit in Isparta

Isparta which is also known as the City of Roses is a city located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Let us sort the places to visit in Isparta for you:


Ayastefanos Kilisesi (Ayastefanos Church)


The Ayastefanos Church which has the traces of a different culture in Eğirdir, Isparta is located in Yeşilada Mahallesi (District).


Ayastefanos Church which is one of the 19th centuries works used to be a place of worship for Greek origin Christians who came and visit here before going to Jerusalem in ancient times. It is known that there were also rituals in the church at those times. The Church was restored by Eğirdir Municipality in 1993. Ayastefanos Church which is one of the touristic attractions in the city is now waiting to be discovered.


Men Tapınağı (Men Temple)


Men Temple is one of the most historic places in Isparta. The Men Temple located in the Yalvaç district was built on behalf of the moon god Men and it is located in a region which is considered sacred.


The Temple located in the Men Sacred Region is located 5 km southeast of Antiocheia Ancient City. The most important feature of this sacred region is that it is the settlement area that has become urbanized in the name of a god.


Men Temple is the most notable structure of the area… The Temple is surrounded by a row of columns and the architecture of the podium is quite interesting. There are 10 steps in the southwest and northwest sections of the podium and there are 6 steps in the southeast and northeast directions. Of course, Men Temple is not the only structure on the sacred region.


You will feel yourself in a mysterious world while you will be exploring the area that includes ceremonial hall, the stadion, and a small temple.


Antiocheia Ancient City


Antiocheia Ancient City which is the capital of Pisidia region is one of ideal places for a long but so interesting and enjoyable visit with its great theater, Men sacred region, aqueducts, and other remains.


Antiocheia Ancient City, which is located one kilometer away from the Yalvaç district of Isparta, founded by Antiocheia. Founding date dates back to 281 to 261 BC. There are many structures to see in this Ancient City which is one of the most popular districts of Isparta. Each structure will take you back to different times.


There are many sections in Antiocheia Ancient City which will have their own places in your memories with Cardo Maximus Street, giant walls and the majesty of the western door. Since all sections are located on the different parts of the city, having a private car while visiting the ancient city will make your trip easier.


Lavanta Vadisi (Lavender Valley)


Most beautiful rose gardens of Isparta now hosting lavenders as well.


Lavender Valley which is the most important lavender cultivation of Turkey is located in Keçiborlu district and it managed to be one of the most beautiful and enjoyable destinations in the city.


Lavender is usually cultivated in Kuşçular, Kuyucak, Ardıçlı, and Aydoğmuş villages. You must take a trip to these villages which you will feel the quietness, calmness, and peace.


We highly recommend you to stop the moment with the photos together with the lavenders while you are walking in the rose gardens of Isparta.


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