Places to Visit in Tokat

Tokat city is located in the Black Sea region of Turkey. It is a city which hosts many places in terms of historical and natural beauty. We can list the places to visit in Tokat as follows:


Tokat Kalesi (Tokat Castle)


Tokat Castle is located on a high hill in the city center. Although there is no precise information about when or by whom the castle was built, it is estimated that the castle was built in the 5th or 6th century. The Tokat Castle was built by carving a natural rock mass. This allows the carved rooms and walls to survive until today.


Ballıca Mağarası (Ballıca Cave)


Ballıca Cave is one of the first destinations to visit in Tokat which is among the most magnificent caves in the world and open the doors of a world that is never known once you enter it. You can even visit Tokat only to visit this cave.


Great stalactites, stalagmites, and onion stalactites will amaze you while visiting the cave. It is easy to reach Ballıca Cave. It is located in Pazar district which is 26 kilometers far away from the city center. It took its name from the village it is located, i.e., Ballıca Village.


There are a pool hall, big dripstones hall, muddy hall, fossil hall, bat hall, collapsed hall, columned hall, mushroom hall and new hall sections in the cave. There are also many sections which are waiting to be discovered in Ballıca Cave.


Sebastopolis Ancient City


Sebastopolis Ancient City which is located in Sulusaray district in Tokat is known as the largest city that dates back to the Roman era. The date of the first establishment of this ancient city is not known. However, it is told 1st century BC according to the tales. I recommend you visit Sebastopolis Ancient City which many architectural pieces found such as Lion Statue and Frieze Fragment and open-air museum where these archeological parts are exhibited.


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