The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Erzincan

Erzincan is a city located in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. Since there are many beautiful places to visit in Erzincan, people who are going to visit need to create a list of places to visit before they arrive. We have listed the most beautiful places to visit in Erzincan for you:


Gürlevik (Girlevik) Şelalesi (Gürlevik Waterfall)


It is located in Çağlayan district of Erzincan which is 30 kilometers away from the city center. Many people visit this waterfall throughout the year which attracts attention with its natural beauty and cold water during the summer seasons. Girlevik Waterfall freezes every winter and it creates a great view with stalactites.


Terzibaba Camii (Terzibaba Mosque)


This mosque which was built between 1990-2002 and is located in the city center of Erzincan is one of the most modern mosques of Turkey with its unique look. It attracts attention with 7000 people capacity and impressive architecture.


Karanlık Kanyon (Dark Canyon)


This canyon which is located 3 kilometers away from the Kemaliye district of Erzincan is the second largest canyon in the world. Dark Canyon is 9 kilometers long with a charming view. Euphrates river flows in the canyon and boat trips are available on this river. Besides the boat tours, you can also deal with water sports such as rafting, canoe, jet ski and boat safaris.


Abrenk (Vank) Ermeni Kilisesi (Abrenk Armenian Church)


Abrenk Church which is one of the places to visit Erzincan is near to Üçpınar Village which is located in Tercan district. The church survived until today and according to the information shared on the entrance, it was built in 1854. Abrenk Church which attracts attention with its architecture has two obelisks and a chapel.


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